If you want to get advice or seek help, a message sent from your I phone or Ipad, connected to a social networking site and it's done. No need to call from a phone booth, especially since knowing that her friends/relatives connect around the clock, you get an answer very quickly. To share their travel experiences, people are increasingly using Facebook by posting photos and comments. With increased ease of access to the Internet, we take advantage of this opportunity to seek advice and information from people who know the place well before making an expense (reservation, plane ticket or other). These people are not necessarily friends but often contacts from social networks sharing the same interests (passion for a country for example). The ease of photographing and publishing quickly with its I pad makes it easier for travellers to boast about their experience. In addition, people use Facebook quite prolificly when they travel, as this site gives them a way to easily communicate with friends and family when they are away. In addition, social networking sites would have a significant impact on how people perceive the travel destinations photographed and this can encourage them to take a holiday.