How to check emails, connect to social networks or view information while away from home? There are several solutions for taking advantage of a Wi-Fi network to stay connected on holiday or on the move. Some are free, others are not.

Connecting to the Internet via a Wi-Fi hotspot

Connecting a device (computer, smartphone or tablet) to a Wi-Fi hotspot is a simple, effective and, most often, free solution.

Connecting to the Wi-Fi network via an Internet dongle

A Wi-Fi dongle, often called a Domino, is a device containing a SIM card. The SIM card picks up 3G/4G/4G+ and the Domino emits a Wi-Fi connection to which different devices (computers, smartphones, tablets, etc.) can connect. These systems are marketed by major operators (Orange, SFR, Bouygues) and allow a connection time limited to the chosen volume of Internet. Operators offer packages dedicated to Internet dongles, or even prepaid packages. Visit for more.

Internet connection: using a public Wi-Fi hotspot

An increasing number of public places are equipped with free Wi-Fi hotspots. These public places are generally located in town halls, libraries, museums and some open-air places such as municipal parks. More and more bars and restaurants are also offering Wi-Fi networks. However, it is not uncommon to have to pay for the free use of Wi-Fi. The advantage of this type of network is that its use is free, or relatively inexpensive. However, this entails many inconveniences. Indeed, the connection time is sometimes limited, and the wireless connection is often quite slow, which can cause problems in the case of heavy file exchange. Sometimes there are interruptions. Finally, these networks are open to most people, and are rarely secured.

Internet connection: use a private Wi-Fi hotspot

The holder of a box reserves part of his wireless connection to the neighbourhood. Thus, a customer of the same operator can connect to this Wi-Fi network using his or her connection identifiers. The more Internet customers there are with an operator, the more private hotspots are available. This means of connection has two major advantages:
  • If you are a customer of a major operator (Orange or SFR), you are sure to find a private Wi-Fi hotspot practically anywhere in France and therefore benefit from a free connection,
  • The level of security on this type of network is higher than on a public network.
Nevertheless, a hotspot connection remains slower than a wired connection, or direct Wi-Fi (with a WEP or WPA key). Indeed, in the private hotspot system, only a small part of the modem connection is dedicated to the modem. Moreover, as of 31/01/2018, Bouygues Telecom no longer allows this feature to be used.

Connecting to the Wifi network via your telephone

Using a phone as a modem allows you to share your connection with other devices. If the option is available, it is therefore possible to configure your mobile phone as a network access point, whether it works with Android, iOS or Windows.

Wi-Fi Internet network: using an Android phone as a modem

To set up your Android phone as a modem, first press the application launcher. Go to the "Settings" application, then press "Wireless and networks". Go to "Connection Share/Mobile Access Point" and select the "Wi-Fi access point" check box. You can now connect your devices (tablet, computer, etc.) over Wi-Fi using your device.

Wi-Fi Internet network: using an iPhone as a modem

Switching an iPhone to Wi-Fi modem mode is fairly simple. Simply go to its settings ("Settings" application) and select "Connection Sharing", then activate it by pressing the button. To be active, the button must be green. To increase the security of the connection, it is advisable to create a password for the Wi-Fi. This way, not everyone will be able to connect to your network.

Wi-Fi Internet network: using a Windows Phone as a modem

The procedure for configuring a Windows Phone in modem mode is very similar to that of the iPhone and Android mobiles. Display the list of applications and go to "Settings". Then tap "Internet Sharing" and "Activate". Connection sharing is now operational. The information useful for the connection is automatically displayed on the phone, and you will be asked for it when you connect.