Looking for information about Pocket Wi-Fi in Japan? How to receive the Japanese Wi-Fi Pocket in France? Know the advantages of renting a Japanese Wi-Fi pocket during your trip? Are you about to go and visit Japan and wonder how you will be able to contact your relatives in France? In this article I explain how to call France free of charge from Japan.

Pocket Wi-Fi in Japan

For my stay in the land of the rising sun I rented from France a Japanese Wi-Fi pocket. It saved me a lot of time, because no matter where I was, I had access to the Internet. And so I was able to call France free of charge from Japan and of course have unlimited access to Japan! So I rented a Japanese Wi-Fi pocket so I could have Internet access in Japan, find subway stations, get information as soon as I wanted and frankly if I hadn't rented this Poket Wi-Fi for Japan, I would have wasted a lot of time and missed a lot of things.

Why not take a Sim card?

Well by taking a pocket Wi-Fi in Japan you can be 100% sure to have unlimited 4G internet in Japan, you can connect 10 people at the same time and no roaming risk. Roaming is all the problems you can have when using a SIM card with your mobile phone, roaming connections (roaming = Routing calls made from a mobile phone by an operator other than the subscriber's). With the pocket Wi-Fi, you no longer have to worry, you put your mobile phone in plane mode and you only activate the Wi-Fi allowing you to connect to the pocket Wi-Fi. As a result, there are no surprises outside the international package.

Can I also call with the pocket Wi-Fi in Japan?

Well YES you can call France from Japan via the Internet, and it's free! To do this, use social networks. So even if you don't plan to call France from Japan I advise you to rent a pocket wifi for your stay in Tokyo... The approximate price for a Wi-Fi pocket for 13 days with delivery in France: 95 €. By using my-webspot.com for example, you are delivered directly to your home. The company is French and therefore the customer service is also French.

Pocket Wi-Fi to call France from Japan

How to call France from Japan for free?

Well, simply by using the Internet. Through the internet you can use FaceTime (the free feature for Apple) or use Facebook's video, or even WeChat, What's App which is a free phone application. You can use Facebook Messenger, Snapchat...... So to summarize the advantages of renting a Wi-Fi pocket for Japan:
  • Unlimited internet access.
  • So you don't use your package and you don't get ripped off...
  • You put your laptop in plane mode and simply turn on the Wi-Fi. So you can use the (via Apple) Facetime function to call relatives who also have an Apple, and no matter where they are, it will be free because you are using the Internet.
  • But you can also use Facebook's function to call in video. Again, it's free since you use the internet.
  • You'll save a lot of time finding your way around Tokyo.
  • Know where the nearest metro station is located because since you have internet you have GoogleMap
  • All types of supported devices: iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones, PC and Mac laptops, cameras, handheld consoles... etc.
  • Up to 10 devices can be connected simultaneously.
  • Battery life: between 9 and 12 hours depending on usage
  • Charging time: about 3 hours

Pocket Wi-Fi Japan - How it works

That's how it works. You will therefore receive an email with the order number and tracking number once you have made your reservation. I asked for the pocket Wi-Fi to be sent to me directly at home in France. That's what I recommend you do, at least it's done.