town-of-Kovalam Kovalam is a heart-throbbing location established in the Indian state of Kerala. Generally known as the paradise of the south, the town has drawn from its title from the grove of coconut trees. therefore, the location is a natural wonder to the visitors taking them into the sweeping attractiveness of environment. The town has many places to be traveled to. It is a place that enchants and thrills with unending delight for which the visitors find the location exceedingly appealing. Kovalam tourism has suggested high sense of tourist satisfaction and opened wide range of possibilities to the visitors for their pleasure. Here is a list of some locations that the tourists can visit in order to satisfy their curiousness of the location,


This is an important location that attracts gigantic number of tourists. Infact, considering backwater locations, it is an significant location in the locality. The canoe travels are exceedingly thrilling and adventurous that pleasures the tourists. The calm air is of high affinity to the visitors. The greenery is afresh a major source of natural withdraw to the tourists that has been persuading them for numerous years. The villages round the place still treasures the customary attractiveness and the immense richness of flora and fauna have made this location a spontaneous selection for the visitors.

Padmanabhapuram Castle

This is another important place visited that Kovalam provides for the visitors. This sixteenth years palace stands reflecting the customary architectural methods in Kerala. afresh, there is another marvel to the location that it is assembled in timber. Rosewood carvings decorate this palace in its central and are an demonstration of high craftsmanship of the artisans of the bygone days. The chronicled connection is furthermore very important since one can witness the dwelling of the rulers of Travancore. This castle is a sheer demonstration of the architectural richness of the persons of Kerala.

Anchuthengu outpost

It also ranks as one of the foremost source of tourist affinity. It exemplifies the architectural fantasy of the British rulers. According to popular notions, it is a location that is one of the oldest considering the swapping attachment of the British rulers. visitors can therefore witness annals in traveling to this location which depicts the sheer elegance that the colonial architecture supplied. Hence it is a location worth to be visited.

Vizhinjam Rock Cut Cave

Tourists can find this place another appealing location to fulfill their vacation destinations. This is a location that is immensely significant from its chronicled issue of outlook. Not only significant from the chronicled consciousness, but it is simultaneously significant from the outlook of devout and devout points. The wonderful sculptures reflect the art and its perform in ancient times. visitors can find a granite temple lying interior the cave. The location radiates with a spiritual ambiance where the tourists can proceed on and have a satisfaction fulfilling their spirits. The out-of-doors of the cave is full of carvings portraying the mythological tales of Parvati and Lord Shiva.