When you go on holiday, it is on the one hand convenient to have what you need, but when you carry a bag that hurts your back with your right hand that rolls your heavy suitcase and your left hand that is holding important documents, it is not at all practical. Even if you can keep your hands off it, you may carry a lot of weight before you get to the hotel. Which can be tiring. It is therefore important to take as few objects as possible with you. The secret to light travel is simple: you must accept to leave with less. But the first thing to do before deciding how much to pack is to find out about the usual climate of the destination at the chosen time. Do you just need shorts and T-shirts, or do you need pants and vests? To determine the number of clothes to take, I advise you to make a small chart of the days of the trip and write down the complete outfit planned for each day, trying to reduce the number of pieces as much as possible. For that, here are the types of clothes you need: - Clothes that don't wrinkle too much - Clothes that can be worn for at least two days (that don't get dirty)-At least one outfit that can be washed in the evening and dried the next day But have you ever thought about buying on the spot and possibly not taking any business except your papers and money?  If it's time for you to renew your wardrobe, then this is your chance to travel light, on the way.