With a few tips and a little common sense, you can reduce your travel load to a single piece of luggage by hand. Here's how to do it:

Take a large bag

Whether you choose a backpack, a sports bag or a small suitcase, your carry-on baggage determines how much you can bring on board. You should take a bag that is easy to carry when you walk and easy to manoeuvre when you try to place it in a compartment above or below your seat. Choose a quality rectangular bag that is lightweight and as malleable as possible. Try to be well informed about your airline's size limit for hand luggage, which is often 55cm x 35cm x 22cm.

Avoid overloading yourself

Start by wrapping clothes that you can use for all occasions rather than a shirt that you will only use once. Limit your shoe wardrobe to two separate pairs to cover most occasions (sneakers and dress shoes, flip flops...)

Investing in a compression bag

They are the traveller's best friend. This type of bag is the one that has the ability to be as compact as possible; no or very few air pockets inside.

Adopt technology

Don't waste valuable space with books or magazines that are getting bigger. Instead, choose a gadget that acts as your e-reader and more. A Kindle or iPad allows you to bring not only a huge collection of travel guides but also entertaining reading. These tablets also provide access to email and the Internet, so you can leave your laptop at home.

Don't take what you can easily buy with you

If you are travelling for three weeks, do you really need to bring toothpaste, shampoo or other products for the entire trip? Or could you easily pack up the one-day supply and then buy the toiletries after you arrive? You must take what you need for a day or two and then buy what you need after you arrive.