Capital Area Population Population Language Flag

Hanoi 331 114 Km² approximately 83 million Vietnamese inhabitants, languages of minority ethnic groups (Khmer, Cham, Thai, Sedang, Miao-yao, Chinese), English and French

Main religion

In addition to popular belief, there are some major religions in Vietnam: Buddhism, Catholicism, Protestantism, Islam, Caodaism, Hoa Hao Buddhist sect...

Political system

Socialist Republic.


Vietnam is a strip of land whose configuration reminds us of the letter S. Located in central Southeast Asia, it is bordered to the north by China, to the west by Laos and Cambodia, and opens to the east and south on the East Sea and Pacific Ocean. Hills and mountains represent three quarters of Vietnam's territory. There are four main mountainous regions.


The climate is not uniform from north to south. So the weather is still good somewhere in Vietnam. The months of October to April are to be preferred. From December to February, the weather can be cool and rainy in the north of the country (average of 13°C), but pleasant in the south (average of 24°C). The monsoon occurs everywhere (except in the centre) from May to September, with temperatures rising to 35°C in the south. However, during this period, beautiful thinnings alternate with rainfall. On the other hand, along the coasts of the central part of the country, the months of September to January are generally the most watered.


Dong (100 xu). Health Anti-malarial treatment recommended. We recommend that you consult your doctor before leaving.

Good to know

One week can be enough to visit most of Vietnam. The best time to visit Hanoi is from November to the end of April - early May; from February to June for central Hanoi; from December to April for the south. Order bottled mineral water and avoid ice cubes. Time difference: +6h in winter / +5h in summer. Current: 220V + adapter