Every year in France, about one in two people go away from home to have a good time. Of these holidaymakers, two thirds travel in the country compared to one third abroad. Travelling in France when you are French, it is an opportunity to change your mind and to be able to organize your stay more easily (accommodation, travel...). Many have a second home, often in remote and quieter places. Holidays are often an opportunity to practice changing activities: skiing in winter, sunbathing on the beach when you live far from the sea, hiking in the mountains... But also to see friends and family. To organize your stay in an area of France, I recommend the blog Travel France, where you will find information about the country's tourist destinations. As for holidays abroad, they may require a larger investment (money, language skills) but in return offer more opportunities to live even more rewarding experiences: bath in thermal springs in icy environments (Iceland), Safaris, cruise through the most beautiful fjords in the world, discovery of tropical forests... Why do we sometimes opt for holidays abroad rather than in the country? These holidays represent a way of satisfying the curiosity of tourists who are a little more open to the world (cultures, way of life, learning the language, discovering a more exotic environment) and looking for a more pleasant place to live than there is here depending on the season.