Can you imagine staying connected to the Internet on your next trip to Spain without a Wi-Fi network from your hotel and the dangerous public networks in the restaurants, bars, gas stations, etc. you visit? Have you ever travelled outside your country surfing the Internet on all your devices at once without having to pay roaming fees? In this post, we give you the 8 key facts of your Internet connection on your next trip to Spain, a new Mifi rental service for foreign tourists in our country, with which you will have access to a portable Wi-Fi 24 hours a day everywhere: 1 - Book your Mifi before the trip and receive it when they arrive in Spain: From our website, you can easily and in less than a minute book your Mifi in Spain. You will receive it upon arrival at your hotel, apartment, private home or business centre. Just enter the delivery address and we will send you your package so that you can use it immediately upon arrival at your destination. You can visit and learn more about MiFi in Spain. 2 - Internet on all your mobile devices: Most tourists travel accompanied by various mobile devices. If you travel with your smartphone (iPhone, Android...), tablet (iPad, Android), eBook, laptop, game console, eBook... you should know that our Wi-Fi device will be compatible with all your devices. You can easily connect to if they have Wi-Fi. 3 - Share the Wi-Fi signal: The Mifi allows you to share the Internet signal in the devices simultaneously or if you prefer, you can share the Internet with your fellow travellers. Do you travel in groups? Take the opportunity to save money on your Internet connection abroad, share the costs of the service and use the Wi-Fi signal with up to 5 other people at the same time. 4 - Delivery and return of the service at no extra charge: When we receive your Wi-Fi, you will find inside a prepaid envelope to return the Wi-Fi in a mailbox. If you prefer, you can return it to your hotel reception. Both the delivery and return of the Wi-Fi is included in the total cost of the service, at no extra charge. 5 - Save up to 95% on your Internet connection in Spain: With the Mifi you can disconnect 3G/4G from your devices and avoid high roaming charges abroad. Connect to the Wi-Fi signal without roaming charges. You can stay connected to the Internet 24 hours a day for only 5 euros. 6 - A simple and easy feature: Using the service is easier to use than you can imagine. Just turn on the Mifi and connect it to the Wi-Fi signal in the devices you are going to use by entering the password, you will find it next to our portable modem. You are ready to surf the Internet with 3G/4G coverage in more than 95 per-cent of Spanish territory. 7 - Travel with yours and your social networks: This internet service for foreign tourists allows you to stay in touch with family and friends throughout your trip, use your favourite tourism applications or share your experiences in Spain in your social networks. We also invite you to our travel blog and social networks to stay informed about the main tourist attractions with our useful updates for foreign travellers in Spain. 8 - Wi-Fi for tourists and business travellers: Our Wi-Fi tourist service is designed for tourists visiting Spain for a few days on holiday and who come to the country to work. Connect to the Internet on the go on your vacation or business trip in a simple, inexpensive and safe way.