Domestic-Airlines-india With the deregulation of the aviation industry and India’s present booming finances, has drastically changed the view of air journey in India. In the present scenario, there are numerous aviation businesses catering to all categories of customers. Today, in India, we have one government owned full service airline, seven personally owned reduced cost carriers, and two personally belongs to full service airlines. The reduced cost domestic airlines have substantially altered the way people journey in India. Even the below middle class persons have now days started to journey through the airlines. They find it to be more befitting, fast, and snug; and the air fare more or less identical with that of the rail fare. Travel through air is no more a pinch on the pocket. Even the “saving” Indian, who conceives two times before spending, is no more uncertain in shelling out the bucks to travel. And it’s even not that big a deal today to fly; foremost, because Indians are earning more and more; and secondly, because bargain flights are easily accessible. The large number of domestic airlines in India, namely, Goair, IndiGo, Air India Express, Kingfisher Red, Jet Lite, Jet Konnect, and Spice Jet have greatly assisted to the low permit charges. With such gigantic competition existing in the market, every airline is vying with the other to catch a larger market share. When the provide is so huge, and demand is marginally low, going by the rudimentary fundamentals of economics, prices are compelled to be low. To agree this demand-supply gap, airlines have come up with a reduced charge scheme to appeal and keep their customer base. Many airlines have begun offering large deals and discounts and the cheapest airfares. This is portraying as a great motivation for the persons to fly and travel.