The least significant of up to date empires has left one of the mightiest of marks on the up to date world. Not even a cursory review of the past two centuries will permit you to get away the glare of Germany’s assistance to the shape of this present age. From the most tragic depths of darkness in the engrossment bivouacs of World conflict Two, to the most glorious assistance to modern commerce and innovation, Germany has had a exclusive flavor no other nation can lay assertion to. This makes it a valuable location for an educational excursion, not only to elaborate students’ world-views, but furthermore to help them be more aware of their own historical and communal context.


Berlin has flourished like a rose out of ruin. Students on school journeys to the German capital can get a rush from the heritage, culinary and artistic diversity of this most popular of towns. Full of varied groups, the music and theatre and food solely of Berlin give a sense of a town where any thing can be conceived and granted title. But it is not only the creative persons, writers, instrumentalists and architects who will sup on this city’s Zeitgeist. The vintage and dark shaded of the Berlin Wall and the Nazi era still accept blemishes, and the lessons learned from the chair of German political power will ring a chime not only for the historian, but also the human in every student.


The second largest town in Germany and the sixth biggest in the European amalgamation, Hamburg’s head affinity for school journeys lies in its chronicled worth – with a heritage extending back to the Holy Roman domain – and its financial worth, being one of the most affluent cities in Europe and a centre for the newspapers commerce of Germany. As such, it boasts scholars another heritage German hub, yet with a distinct flavour to Berlin. Its exclusive architecture, view and creative organisations open a door to this unique heritage.


Munich is best known for its place in the rise of Nazism and for the subsequent Olympic sport under National Socialist direct. Yet, as students on school trips will discover, Munich today is well known for its liveability and is a well liked place visited for immigrants. As the capital of Bavaria, students can relish the exclusive food, music, dress and architecture that typify the pleased and long Bavarian heritage.

The very dark Forest

Germany is not all about cities, though. Past the zealous commerce, refined architecture and spectacular annals of its metropolises, Germany brags some of Europe’s most exclusive and enforcing landscapes. On the borders of the Rhine valley and criss-crossed by rivers such as the Danube, the very dark Forest is one such location. Deep amidst its firs and pines are breathtaking hills and exhilarating trails between the shaded and wealthy green vales.