Capital Area Population Population Language Flag

Washington, D.C. 9,629,048 km² Approximately 301,000,000,000 inhabitants English

Main religion

Protestantism, Catholicism, Judaism, Orthodox Christianity, multiple sects.

Political system

Federal Presidential Bicameralist Federal Republic. The three powers (legislative, executive and judicial) are separate.


The United States consists of 50 states with Alaska and the Hawaiian Islands, plus the District of Columbia and the outer territories.


The United States is the third largest country behind Russia and Canada. The United States is 17 times the size of France. Its land borders are shared with Canada and Mexico. The total length of the coasts (nearly 20,000 km). The west is dominated by the Rockies, Cascades and Sierra Nevada, about 4,500 metres on average, which surround the Colorado plateaus and basins. The immense plains and plateaus of the Centre are drained by the Mississippi and Missouri rivers. The Mississippi, the fourth largest river in the world and the first in North America with just over 4000 km, crosses ten states, from Minnesota to Louisiana. The East is dominated by ancient mountains, the Appalachians, which rise to an altitude of 2,300 metres and are separated from the Ocean by narrow coastal plains. Most of the active volcanoes are in the west, Alaska and the Hawaii Archipelago. The Great Lakes together cover an area of approximately 250,000 km².


The climate is essentially linked to the relief. In the East, winters are very harsh in the north and very pleasant in the south for hot to very hot summers. In the centre it is a rather dry continental climate. In the West, depending on the region, there will be a desert climate (South-West), a mountain climate (the Rockies), an oceanic climate (the North-West) or a Mediterranean climate (south Californian coasts).


Dollar divided into 100 cents. Health No vaccination is required. We recommend that you consult your doctor before leaving.

Good to know

Across the country, spring and fall are the most pleasant seasons for tourism. Summer is the best season on the east coast, in high altitude regions and in Alaska, while winter will allow you to practice all mountain sports. 4 time zones; from -6 to -9 hours difference compared to France (GMT - 5 to -8 or -4 to -7 in summer). 110 Volt; provide transformer and power adapter. Right-hand drive. Please note that the size system as well as the weights and measures are different than in Europe.