Sea, volcanoes, history and culinary wealth: this is Sicily. This large Italian island is a flagship destination that attracts countless tourists from all over the world every year. We come here to admire the landscape, to taste the atypical dishes of the locality but also to know the ancient temples and historical monuments that make its reputation. Visiting Sicily is a dream come true for some people. But for others, it may be the beginning of a new life that will create great opportunities.

An unforgettable visit with a professional

After a rather tiring day of travel, now it is time to discover Sicily and what makes it an exceptional destination. Venture alone in the street and between the walls of great monuments can be interesting. But on the one hand, it is always better to follow a tailor-made programme offered by a professional. Especially since there's so much to see. Alternatively, you can also use a good guide who knows the city by heart. A delicately prepared walk is a thousand times better than a random adventure. Its objective is to introduce you to the island's must-see places through a carefully prepared tour program.

Beautiful places to visit by boat

Visiting Sicily is not only by foot, bicycle or car. You will also can discover it by boat, more precisely by sailing boat. This excursion takes place around the Aeolian Islands located in the north of Sicily: a rare opportunity to admire the exclusive coves, the volcanic archipelago of these islands and above all the marine treasures of the whole Mediterranean. This boat trip is also a great opportunity to get to know life at sea, a friendly moment in harmony with nature, far from the busy life of the big city. To make your mouth water, here are the pearls of the Mediterranean that you will probably contemplate: Salina, Filicudi, Lipari, Stromboli, Vulcano and Panarea.

Some mythical places to see by helicopter

Once you have visited all the famous cities of Sicily, including Taormina the medieval city, Catania the baroque city, Casale the Roman villa and the Neapolis Archaeological Park in Syracuse, you will be invited to fly over the Aeolian Islands by helicopter. This means of transport reveals another facet of this locality, the "seen from above" version. Thus, you will have a closer look at the "Vulcano" and its crater, as well as the pumice quarries and the reefs of Lipari. And that's not all, the helicopter tour promises other breathtaking landscapes such as Pollara Bay, Salina, Basiluzzo Island and Panarea Island. You will finish the visit of Sicily above Stromboli and its lava flows to Sciara del Fuoco, without forgetting the mysterious island of Strombolicchio with its lighthouse, its basalt, Andesite and augite rocks, remains of the ancient Stromboli volcano.