How many times have I been locked in my house doing nothing and putting the full responsibility on time! Error! Error! Just because it rains doesn't mean there's nothing to do. After all, it depends on the season. Here are my tips: - To know how to accept and appreciate this time. If you are travelling to a destination that has waterfalls, check them out! The local waterfalls will offer their best spectacle. Some places around the world are very suitable when it rains or even better than when the weather is fine, especially in the tropics. The Maunawili Falls trail, for example, on Oahu Island in Hawaii, offers a hike that is quite manageable to do during the rain. The cloudy mist with all the green offers a truly breathtaking view. However, I had to take the umbrella when I went there. -To offer a day in a place of relaxation and well-being. When I was in Finland, I took the opportunity to spend a whole day in a spa and then in a sauna. -Enjoy looking for the sun. If it is not raining everywhere, then try to head for sunny places. Go on a sun hunt! This is your chance to be a true explorer, travelling with the excitement of not having expectations. It is also important to appreciate the time spent travelling by car. -When the temperatures allow it (in summer or spring), it has already happened that me and my concubine have gone to the beach despite heavy rain. Why? Why? Because if we swim anyway, we'll get wet. It has its own charm, and there will be many fewer people, if not no one. However, don't forget to take your umbrella with you when you get dressed. Near some beaches, especially in the south of France, finding a parking space can become the real obstacle course, hence another advantage of taking advantage of this time.