Snowboarding-in-Kashmir Take your snowboard to Kashmir this winter for an unforgettable know-how. The Gulmarg holiday resort is built round Mt. Apharwat, which stands at an outstanding 4200m above sea grade. The Gulmarg gondola, the highest operational gondola in the world, delivers riders to a 3950m and the summit is just a short hike away. Here, you will be standing at one of the highest points on soil. From the peak of Mt. Apharwat, the whole Kashmir Valley can be glimpsed extending as far as the eye can see. On clear days, the summits of K2 and Nanga Parbat are evident distance. Snowboarding in Kashmir is decisively an intense experience – after all, this is the Himalayas. From the peak of gondola, snowboarders can get get get get access to to to to some of the best backcountry and off-piste boarding in the world, all of which can be access from the top of the gondola. An endless number of sprints are likely through the many bowls, which are typically enclosed with metres of deep, lightweight powder. Some of the snowboarding in Kashmir is decisively not for the faint-hearted. For those riders who are really hardcore, riding down the back of the hill will uncover terrain that is absolutely untouched – don’t be surprised if the only track you glimpse pertains to you and your direct. Depending on how you look at it, your pay or your penalty is hike back up the back of the mountain to the peak of the gondola, where you can go for it again. To snowboard in Kashmir furthermore means to know-how the local heritage. One of the most epic runs begins at the top of the Gulmarg gondola, where you will ski straight down past the base station to reach Drung town. This experiences will take up the whole day, after which you will have ridden round 5km and descended from 4000m to 2000m above ocean grade. When you arrive, you can relax with a hot cup of Kahwa (a traditional green tea made with almost 10 ingredients) and a girda (a localized baked bread flavoured with saffron, milk and sugar, which is the Kashmiri version of a Danish pastry). Those who have the appetite (and let’s be dependable – who doesn’t) can even cut into into a wealthy customary curry made with yoghurt, lotus root, eggplant and lamb. After the truck travel back to your inn, dinner and your moderately hot bed will seem like paradise. When snowstorms hit, Snowboarding in Kashmir gets even more stimulating because the Babareshi trees are waiting. Snowboarding through the trees means protect from the poor visibility and high winds that arrive along with the storms, while avalanche risk is also considerably alleviated. Babareshi tree sprints are furthermore renowned to come with a equitable number of natural leaps and kickers – just try not to battle too hard amongst your assembly as to who gets to hit it first.