As Neale Donald Walsh said: « Life begins at the end of your comfort zone” Indeed, going to a different country or even a different part of your own country, will give you a view of your life back home. Traveling, as Voyage Aventure points out, gives you perspectives and makes you look at the way you live and whether you’re living the way you want to. You never need an excuse to travel !

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You can surf the net from the beach or from your holiday rental as if you were at home. If a rental does not offer Wi-Fi, no problem, the Internet no longer has any borders in the world. You have several solutions to stay connected during the holiday trip. With a Pocket Wi-Fi like those available at My Webspot for example, you can make the most of your stay. In addition to that, it avoids roaming fees. Internet coverage projects are emerging in the most isolated countries of our planet. So that you can enjoy combining mobility and travel while working and taking advantage of the many possibilities offered by the Internet.

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